Fri 02 06, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Aristotle had a kind of logic named after him.
Shira’s on her way to having a kind of logic named after her. We’re planning on calling it Shirean Logic, also known as Bamboozlement.
Check out this example of Shirean Logic:
Abba: Shira - we had a deal. If I built you a shelf and put a light over your bed, you’d stay in your bed and out of mine until 7 am! What happened that you’re in my room every night?!
Shira: Because I have bad dreams and I get scared.
A: What are these dreams about?
S: I don’t remember.
A:What did you dream about last night?
S: Nothing - I didn’t dream about anything!
A: So why did you come to my room?!
S: Uh - I was so upset that I had no dreams that I couldn’t sleep!

Someone, Somewhere, understands this. I am certain.
I, on the other hand, remain ignorant of the depths of the enlightenment.
Call me the anti-epiphany,

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Yaeli on Teshuva

Thu 02 05, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Yaeli Learns about Teshuva, and has two important questions?

Yaeli: So Hashem takes my Aveiros and throws them in the garbage?
Abba: Yes.
Y: How does he know what my Averios are?
A: Hashem can see everything.
Y: Everything? (eyes widen) Even what’s in my pockets?!

I don’t know what she’s hiding, but at least now I know where she’s hiding it!


Chinuch Habonim - Gaza Style

Wed 02 04, 2009 | Posted by Mike

This is kinda like what I teach my kids.
Pride, initiative, leadership, strength, devotion, confidence.
Only without the ugly ugly sweats. Who does his wardrobe? Garbage Bin Laden?


“Yerid” - Open Market

Fri 01 30, 2009 | Posted by Mike


So Yehoshua’s school had a program where they earned points for doing their homework and getting to school on time and participating in class, etc.
Then, the boys turned in all of their points and received a “check” worth real money in the sale of books games cds and toys.
Yehoshua and I went together to the “father and son open market” with his check on Tuesday and we bought a calculator, a book ("Abba - I bought the book with Shira in mind because she likes to read"), two packages of marbles, a fun eraser, and a cassette tape.
What a great day. I’m so proud!



Wed 01 21, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Mazel Tov to Uncle Dod (Dr. Cory, for those of you keeping score at the hospital) and Rachel on the birth of a beautiful baby girlie.
May we see much Nachas from the whole mishpach!


Here’s the details we receive via electronic communique:

Hi Everyone,
We’d like to introduce our new baby girl, Emma Dalit, who was born on Jan.13th! She is 6 lbs. 1 oz. and is perfect in every way! We are having a Simchat Bat in Boca the weekend of February 14th. All are welcome! We hope you are all doing well and that we have the chance to see you soon!
Rachel, Chanoch (Cory), Aiden, Ami, and Aliyah


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