My Boy!

Mon 11 01, 2010 | Posted by Mike

A prouder father there has never been...image


Yehoshua’s misplaced midifiers

Tue 08 03, 2010 | Posted by Mike

I got to the park today to find Yehoshua perched up on some metal structure that I don’t think was meant for climbing,
In fact, I don’t think it was even one of the toys in the park. He screams out to me -
Yehoshua: Abba - Poopy!
Me: Yehoshua - that’s night a nice thing to say!
Y: No Abba! - On your shoulder - bird poopy!
M:(to self) Oh - poopy!
Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue!

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Binyamin watches his mouth

Fri 07 30, 2010 | Posted by Mike

Binyamin turns three this shabbos.
he’s clearly got a very developed sense of right and wrong.
I’m pretty convinced he’s got a strong sense of humor too. Check out this shot vinnette:

Binyamin: right abba, i’m not allowed to say ‘stupid’?
abba: right.
b: okay - so i’m not gonna say ‘stupid’
a: good
b: abba - abba - i’m not gonna say ‘stupid’- okay?
a: great
b: because you don’t let me say ‘stupid’
a: right
b: also Hashem doesn’t let to say ‘stupid’
a: umhum
b: abba - abba
a: yes?
b: in gan we say ‘kahki’
a: good night binyamin

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Mon 05 18, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Ah - Kids, it’s the little things they do that make you feel oh-so-special.
Like Friday, when I was taking a hair cut, and I bent over to pick up the comb, and 8-yr-old Shira asks me
“Abba- how come where your kipa is supposed to be you don’t have very much hair...?”

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Fri 02 06, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Aristotle had a kind of logic named after him.
Shira’s on her way to having a kind of logic named after her. We’re planning on calling it Shirean Logic, also known as Bamboozlement.
Check out this example of Shirean Logic:
Abba: Shira - we had a deal. If I built you a shelf and put a light over your bed, you’d stay in your bed and out of mine until 7 am! What happened that you’re in my room every night?!
Shira: Because I have bad dreams and I get scared.
A: What are these dreams about?
S: I don’t remember.
A:What did you dream about last night?
S: Nothing - I didn’t dream about anything!
A: So why did you come to my room?!
S: Uh - I was so upset that I had no dreams that I couldn’t sleep!

Someone, Somewhere, understands this. I am certain.
I, on the other hand, remain ignorant of the depths of the enlightenment.
Call me the anti-epiphany,

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