Chinuch Habonim - Gaza Style

Wed 02 04, 2009 | Posted by Mike

This is kinda like what I teach my kids.
Pride, initiative, leadership, strength, devotion, confidence.
Only without the ugly ugly sweats. Who does his wardrobe? Garbage Bin Laden?


“Yerid” - Open Market

Fri 01 30, 2009 | Posted by Mike


So Yehoshua’s school had a program where they earned points for doing their homework and getting to school on time and participating in class, etc.
Then, the boys turned in all of their points and received a “check” worth real money in the sale of books games cds and toys.
Yehoshua and I went together to the “father and son open market” with his check on Tuesday and we bought a calculator, a book ("Abba - I bought the book with Shira in mind because she likes to read"), two packages of marbles, a fun eraser, and a cassette tape.
What a great day. I’m so proud!


Air Raid Sirens

Wed 01 14, 2009 | Posted by Mike

So I’m on the top floor of our building, changing light bulbs in the hallway and my neighbor’s son says “what’s that noise?”
And I’m like “it’s the wind howling, you just aren’t ever up here to hear how loud and crazy it can get.”
So then I’m thinking, “wow, the people who live up here really have to live with this noise?”
And then it hits me - (no not a rocket, silly) - that up down up down tone of the noise is way too consistent to be just wind. (unless you subscribe the Darwin’s big bang theory, at which point incredibly harmonious natural phenomenon can be created chaotically)
So I ran downstairs to my bomb shelter room and turn ion the radio
“Air raid siren tests in and around Jerusalem today...”
Baruch Hashem , may we never know from such things. Not here, not down south and not up north.
Now, in Tehran…


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