Wed 01 09, 2008 | Posted by Mike

Ain’t these the cutest thangs you ever did see?

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Tue 11 20, 2007 | Posted by Mike

So it took 2 attempts of over an hour an a half each, but I finally was able to retrieve the keys that one of my wonderful children (that’s to exclude the others who I just pay child support for, obviously) dropped accidentally down the elevator shaft in our building.
The keys had fallen all the way to the bottom of the shaft, and were directly below the elevator. As such, there was no way to see them when the elevator was at ground floor (~ 6 ft. above key-level), and while they were visible at 2nd floor-level, they were then too far away to reach, even with the telescoping doo-hickey that I bought just for this purpose.
At any rate, one mangled wire hanger and one bent-out-of-shape 2 piece telescoping doo-hickey later, the car and house keys are safely in the house.
1. We got the keys up to within arm’s reach (just couldn’t reach through the space in the floor between the elevator and the floor) 3 times and they fell back down.
2. The first attempt was at 5:00pm - we had to pause every few minutes for people to use the elevator.
3. The second time was at 12:30am - no people problems, but every time I bent over to look down (and thus no longer was blocking the “magic eye” which told the door to stay open), the door closed into my back - hard.
4. 5 minutes before “extraction” I taped a bottle cap over the “magic eye”. Shkoiach Einstein. What took you so long to think of that one?!
Well, Yehoshua was very impressed with his Abba.
I sure do hope he won’t throw them down now and ask me to show him how I did it. smile


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