Shabbos in a Jerusalem Hospital

Mon 08 02, 2010 | Posted by Mike

It’s been a long time since we spent a shabbos in yerushalayim. Too bad it was too hot to spend any real time outside.
I took Ilana on a long walk - up and down the shabbos elevator, and then outside for a few minutes. We found some shade to sit in, but even that was barely bearable. At any rate - our fever is still up, our left leg is still swollen and we still don’t like people wearing white uniforms or green scrubs to get too close.Tamar worked shabbos am, and rabbi perkal & son came by to visit before mincha.
Ilana insisted on going off my lap onto the floor, ad since she can’t put weight on her left foot, skootched all the way out the room and down the hall on her tush. Progress? Donno - waiting test results and we’ll see tomorrow.


Binyamin watches his mouth

Fri 07 30, 2010 | Posted by Mike

Binyamin turns three this shabbos.
he’s clearly got a very developed sense of right and wrong.
I’m pretty convinced he’s got a strong sense of humor too. Check out this shot vinnette:

Binyamin: right abba, i’m not allowed to say ‘stupid’?
abba: right.
b: okay - so i’m not gonna say ‘stupid’
a: good
b: abba - abba - i’m not gonna say ‘stupid’- okay?
a: great
b: because you don’t let me say ‘stupid’
a: right
b: also Hashem doesn’t let to say ‘stupid’
a: umhum
b: abba - abba
a: yes?
b: in gan we say ‘kahki’
a: good night binyamin

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Ilana’s still in the hospital

Fri 07 30, 2010 | Posted by Mike

Current Update:
Tamar went back home when I got here at 11. She picked up the kids, packed them up for the weekend, sent them to the neighbor to play and took a two hour nap. Ater she drops the kids off, she’ll come bakc here to spend shabbos together. Ahh - almost like a romantic vacation. Only without the romantic and sans vacation.
Ilana has been sleeping since noon - on and off. She woke up for the guys from simcha layeled who came in with guitars and clarinet and flute, but was a little too
feverish to really enjoy it. Her nurofen (advil) has kicked in finally and is sleeping peacefully. She had a long night and can use the rest.
By the way, if you have to go to the hospital friday is the day!
So far, 4 different chessed people/organiations have been through and i’ve scored major food for shabbos.
Will post about the winnings presently.
Ain’t got much else to do…


Ilana’s in the hospital

Fri 07 30, 2010 | Posted by Mike

so, on wednesday Ilana came home from her playgroup with a tiny limp. We figured there must be something stuck in the bottom of her foot, but couldn’t find the source. The limp picked up in intensity over the evening, and so after woring a night shift, Tamar took her to the doctor first thing in the am.
Blood test results came back 2pm - high white blood cells yada yada - go to the hospital.
okie dokie. Ship the kids off to the sister in law and pack a bag of just in case essentials and get on the road.
Pediatric emergency room was pretty empty and we got almost immediate attention. Too bad nobody could find a vein in order to take blood and put in an iv prep… Poor black and blue hands Ilana…
Blood tests, xrays, and a whole bunch of upstairs/dowstairs-hurry-up-to-wait business was our lot until 830pm when a ‘professr’ walks in and says ‘feels like she’s got alot of liquid in her ankle.’ I said (of course) looks like there’s a lot of food in her uncle, too - but what do we do?’
The answer came quick - one long ‘extract 6cc of icky liquid from the joint’ needle and lot of screaming. That wasn’t fun.
At 10 they finally decide it’s probably an infection and they’ll admit us to a room for 4-7 days to treat with iv antibiotics - just wait a few minutes…
I left at 1130 and they were still not in yet - but I had to get home and to my sisterin law’s because (did i forget to mention?) her husband broke his wrist responding to a hatzala call earlier in the evening and he had to go get a cast.
To make a long story short (too late!) at 130 am they were in a room, my chicken dinner was just coming off the grill, and things were mostly under control.
Friday am i got up and showered and over to Neima’s before the kids got up @ 730. Dressed binyamin and took him to maon - went to daven met yehoshua @ camp, went back for a quick bite and to see the girls for 1/2 and hour. Now it’s on to the hospital to relieve Tamar. Refuah sheleima.

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Tisha Bav 3

Tue 07 20, 2010 | Posted by Mike

Only going to be nig’al through teshuva.
Either self induced, or out of fear from a king worse than haman. Tochacha of ki savo has no keitz. Only when we go back to Hashem. He wants us to do teshuva before moshiach so we can get sachar for it. But teshuva sheleimah only happens when eliyahu comes, when Hashem is chozeir us betshuva sheleimah.
Slowly, consistently, work on one thing at a time. Even one kehilla - if they do teshuva intensely - can be machriya all of klal yisroel.
Sefer hachareidim says teshuva with tzara and ? and rachamei hashem and the keitz will bring teshuva shleimah.
Seder hayom says its part of the avodah on 9bav. But its not good enough for one or two individuals. We need rov am. You have to go out and gather pepole in - this one 10 and this one 20. Don’t sit back, lock yourselfin your house and learn - you have to go out and be concerned about everyone else.
You never know how what you do will affect others. The way to be mashpia is sometimes with harshness - story of son - you can’t say kaddish for me unless you change your lifestyle.
Sometimes being too giving with your children can push them off the derech. Sometimes the other way. You have to be guided by da’as Torah.
Every day there are moments when it’d be mesuga for moshiach to come. We can take advantage if we do teshuva.
RESPECT FOR SHULS can also bring moshiach.
Let’s see how you deal with a mikdash m’at- then we can talk abt a real mikdash.
Hashem put us in america, where there are inalienable rights - no one gave them to you, they’re yours. Let’s see how you deal when you don’t have shibud malchiyos in this regard.
Another test - here’s a smal portion of eretz yisroel. Let’s see if you want it, let’s seehow you live there. Here’s a third test - here’s a kosel - will you treat it respectfully?
A small model of kibutz galiyos - how do you dea? Are you b’achdus? Or will you kill each other?
Zohar - person who speaks in shul things that aren’t proper - ein lo cheilik lelokei yisroel. Somebody who comes to talk to you in shul you should treat him like he’s coming to cut off your head. ‘sorry- i don’t talk in shul!’ That’s why the shuls become batei avodah zarah after the jews move out in many communities. Some gedolim said over that Tach vetat was because of talking in shul.
Maybe belz is zoche to such a sul because of their respect for shuls.
Not covering body because there’s something wrong with the body. It’s where ever there is a innr kedusha and someone could be distracted by the external, we cover the external to say ‘there’s more to me than meets the eye.’
Mishkan was tzanua - draped in a canopy like a kallah. The gold on the outside could have been a distraction, whats the difference between a golden building and a golden calf. A talmid chacham has to dress and act betznius. To give honor to a human being on his external merit is avodah zara. It must be the torah within that you are honoring. Wome the same thing. It’s the inner kedusha of klal yisroel - we all come from a woman, And it’s the way you live. It’s an emphasis on chitzonius. Borsalino hats. What is the real ikar of what creates a ben torah? A black hat and black jacket have to be a siman of what’s beneath the surface. Not a status symbol from the outside.
shechina gravitates to where there is kedusha and tahara.

Yaakov avinu told his kids ‘heasfu v’agidu lachem et haketz’ - if you’ll get together b’achdus i can tell you the keitz.
when yiddin love each other, you are dan lchaf zechus. And mida keneged, Hashem is dan yuo lchaf zechus.
the avos have 13 letters in their names as did the imahos. Echad is 13, ahava is 13. Together 13 and 13 is 26 shem Hashem.
No leader is liked by every jew - even mordechai was only raztui l’ROV echav.
Story of two horses grew up as brothers. Rav chaim told napoleon thats probaly why russian would win.
We get caught up in such naarishkeit. We totally lose sight of what’s really important.
We may have different positions and we may wear different uniforms - but we’re all part of the same army (chofetz chaim)

TEFILA is mekarev the geula.
Gates of tears never locked.
Active tefilla was diminished when the bm was destroyed. Subjegated tefilla - you are the source, and i haven’t got a leg to stand on without you. The tears of prayer of need…
zaaka is when your nefesh is so agitated that you can’t even speak - that’s the kindof tefilla that will bring geula. That’s the purpose of all tzaros. To cry out to Hashem.
Mesillas yesharim says if a person says who am i to daven for the galus to end? My tefillos will help?
th answer is clear - that’s why adam harishon was created a yachid - each person is a world.
Hashem gets a simcha from our tefillos - mabit says geula is going to come from all of the collective tears…
hashem didn’t stop avraham from davening for sodom even though He knew that it would’t help.
but it stored up power for klal yisroel for generations.
Forgotten people need our tefillas - wounded, gush katif people who are still out of work, poor people, those who have lost their jobs. Yishmael is so called because of his ability to make us cry out to Him and get heard. Tefilla will open the gates of geula.
The more a prson davens bemes the more Hashem hears. Do one small thing to make prayer more meaningful.

everything about shabbos is double.
Shabbos teaches that e aree nothing without hashem. It als teaches we arepartners with Hashem in creation.
shabbos is the mikdash of zman, shabbos was given before matan torah.

Everyone needs to wait for moshiach.
Brisker rav was told - there are 25000 jews waiting in brisk,. Chofetz chaim - if the Brisker rav cant keep 25k jews waiting, moshiach is any less a mentsch? Elah mai - they must not be waiting.
Are you prearing the way you live now for the eventual arrival? You haveto wait like you’re waiting for the doctor. Every knock.. Every noise maybe thats my refuah.
waiting anxiously - try to channel the parents of gilad shalit, every day - false hopes dashed hopes, thats whats on their minds foremost, knowing its out of their control. Empathize with them. That’s a good model, and why do you want moshiach? So you can be in the most ideal situation for torah and mitzvos.
Kuzari says you only get it if you really want it, eisav cried because he wanted the brochos, and they created new brochos.
just like in mitrayim - those who didnt want to go out didnt get out - they stayed there in the cemetary.
Iron stone water build building.
You’ve give us an iron will, and we have hearts of stone, and all the tears of all the generations are the water. All we needknow if for the contractorto come and use the tools to build the bayis 3.


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