Kiddush on Tuesday?!

Mon 05 11, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Well, yes - Kiddush on Tuesday.
But it’s not really a kiddush, and it’s no ordinary Tuesday.
It’s Lag B’omer - you know that exciting time when effervescent little woodchuck wanna-bes of all ages scour the country side for kindling of any size.
If it burns, and it’s not tied down - forget about it Charlie - some 8th grader has already done drugged it off to some obscure location, where other recently bar mitzvah-ed friends are doing round the clock vigils standing guard to insure no other youths partake from their plentiful booty.
But I digress.
Tuesday -
Tuesday we dine - Chicken wings (taken from a real Buffalo), Hot Dogs, fancy deli shnitzel wraps made by wife, and all sorts of side dishes will grace the plasticware laden table in an attempt to entertain some 100 guests, more than 60% of whom are under the age of nine.
With the help of my g-d I will make a siyum on tractate Kiddushin (hence the Kiddush aspect) and we will be on the receiving end of countless wishes of mazel tov from family friends and fiends who are just there for the wings.
Guess we’ll have to go biking on Wednesday.
Hope to see you there - 3:30 pm @ my house
Looking forward!


Tried to do the Impossible

Wed 02 25, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Should have known better smile
We davened at the earliest possible time.
The kids we dropped off @ my sister in laws by 7.
We were on the road to Tel aviv to the Embassy with Yehoshua and Ilana and we made it there, with a parking space (thank You) by 8:20 (smack in between our two appointments 8:00 and 8:45)
They took us timely, went through the usual “are you going to explode our building routine” and we got in, with our forms, photocopies made and paid our measly $235 for two passports and a report of birth abroad.
After waiting 20 minutes they called us back, verified everything wa sin order, got our signatures in front of his majesty the counsel, and we took our leave.
A short Shpatzir along the beach with my son, Tamar fed and changed Ilana and we were off.
Back home, dropped everyone off, raced to Yerushalayim for my 12:00 appointment at Misrad haPanim (ministry of the interior) to renew student visa.
Got there 5 minutes late.
They yelled at me. Took me anyway.
Yes! I’ve done the impossible!
Not so fast -
“where should I put the vise in your passport? you have no pages left!”
What the...?
“You need to go to your embassy and get pages added to your passport...”
Close curtain - cry a few minutes - back to the drawing board - but first, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.



Sun 02 15, 2009 | Posted by Mike

So - we know she’s cute, we’ve seen the pics, but - WHAT’S HER NAME?
Oh, it’s Ilana.
Ilana Esther to be precise.
Ilana (tree) is a reference to the time of year she came into our lives (day before tu bshvat) and
Esther is in memory of Tamar’s Grandma Esti who passed away two months ago at the ripe young age of 83. Without so much as a wrinkle on her face - she always had a smile and a nice word for everybody.
We were going to name her Michal Tzippora in honor of Michelle Obama and Tzippi Livni, but then we realized the former will only be a major inspiration in the limelight for 4-8 years, and the latter will only be - well, we hope in the limelight for 24 hours or less.
And we want little miss Ilana to set down her roots and branch out for many many years to come.
But first, we want her to start sleeping longer.

The other kids have taken quite well to her.
Shira is acting the part of little mommy,
Yehoshua gives the baby little kisses and wakes her when we aren’t looking. (just to be able to play with her - nothing malicious)
Yaeli says “Abba- I love her”
Leora sat up in bed when we came in from the car nervous “Where’s the baby?!” “She’s in the living room” “Okay"(head hits pillow again)
And Binyamin loves her to death.

More to come -
Shavua Tov


Simchat Bat in Boca

Sat 02 14, 2009 | Posted by Mike

So - Chanoch made a simchas bat this Shabbos and all the Harow brothers were there with Auntie Frummie and Bubba.
I wonder how it went…
Probably alot of nice singing, with some humor, a bit of shnapps, and a couple of one line zingers to round out the festivities (no doubt the best of which came from Bubba!)

So sorry we missed it - Boca is nice this time of year.
Come to think of it, weather here kinda was like south Florida this weekend - only without the orange juice…


New Girlie

Tue 02 10, 2009 | Posted by Mike

Mazel Tov - It’s a Girl!
Sunday at 9:08 am - enter new Girlie Face.
She has no name yet - she didn’t come with one.
But her birthday - Feb 8th (Heathen, we know)- she shares with her mother and her sister Leora.
The things people are doing in today’s economic climate....



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